Jazz Music Over Pop Music


There have been many studies that confirm that jazz music requires you to use your brain a bit and they have been saying that it makes you smarter. But, the same cannot be said for pop music. Pop music melodies and courses are repetitive, and the songs are not as enjoyable anymore. That was the time when pop music was one of the best genres that you could listen to. I am talking about when Michael Jackson was alive. He used to make groundbreaking music, and his music had a…

What Makes Jazz Different From Other Genres?

Jazz Music

The African-American community invented jazz in the early 20th century, and it quickly became the only native art form created by them. Several artists in history have made remarkable contributions to jazz. With time jazz grew several sub-genres that the new generation experimented with and invested. Unlike other music genres, jazz is more of an art of improvisation and staying in the present. Every single jazz player learns how to jam with other artists. Today jazz may absorb a lot of qualities and instruments from other genres, but it still maintains…

Reasons You Should Be Listening To Jazz


A lot of people have come forward and said that pop music doesn’t exactly provide you with the kind of nourishment that jazz music does. When you walk into a restaurant or a public space, it is highly likely that you would hear jazz music. Jazz music is played in most of the extravagant restaurants, casinos and top venues such as Ryman Auditorium in the world. If you walk into a mall, it is likely that you would hear pop music playing, because it is very popular.

The Many Benefits Of Listening To Jazz Music


Music certainly one of the most amazing things when it comes to relaxing hours and boosting our moods. It has so many benefits. That is why, in this article, I will be talking about some of the most amazing benefits we can get, by listening to jazz music. There are many genres of music that we can listen to, if we want to come down, if we want to control anxiety or if we want to boost our mode. Well, jazz music is certainly an amazing option. There are many…

Why You Should Listen To Jazz Music


There have been many psychological studies that state that pop music is actually bad for our brains. It states that it will gradually ruin a person’s mind, and it will make them lose their creativity. When we consider the fact that lyrical differentiation is very relatively unimportant to the success of a pop song, the artist put a lot of emphasis on the beats of the song. They stopped caring about the lyrics decades ago. I am not exactly stating horrible opinions about pop music, but I am trying to…